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Edibles and Beverages

Edibles : King Louis

Fat Cat Gummie: 200mgview details
Granola Mix: 150mgview details
Heart Gummies: 150mg*** temporarily out of stock ***
One-Bite Brownies: 105mg*** temporarily out of stock ***

Edibles : Twisted Extracts

Orange 1:1 Lego Jelly Bomb Lego: 40mgTHC/40mgCBDview details
Peach CBD Jelly Bomb: 80mgview details
Pineapple CBD Jelly Bomb Lego: 80mg CBD*** temporarily out of stock ***
Jelly Bomb Lego Block: 80mg*** temporarily out of stock ***
Zzz Bomb Lego Block: 80mg*** temporarily out of stock ***

Edibles : The Alchemy

THC Alchemy: Handmade Ice Cream*** temporarily out of stock ***

Beverages : Slushies

Signature CBD Slushieview details

Family Bros.

50mg THC Water Enhancer- 5 available flavours*** temporarily out of stock ***
Assorted Chocolate Bars: 200mg*** temporarily out of stock ***
Mini Peanut Butter cup: 50mgview details
Toffee Crunch Bar: 50mgview details

Purely Medicinal

Chocolate Espresso Cookie: 60mg$7.25 (each)
THC Honey: 250mg*** temporarily out of stock ***

Token Bliss

Mango 1:1 Lego Block: 40mgTHC / 40mgCBD$12.25 (each)
Assorted Hard Candies: 200mg*** temporarily out of stock ***

Token Bliss Edibles

Ganga Gum Drops: 200mg*** temporarily out of stock ***
Monster Ganga Gummy Bears: 200mgview details
Bad Ass Brownie: 110mgview details
Peanut Bud’r Krisps 120mgview details

Organic CBD PET

Organic CBD: Pet Biscuitview details

Grass Station Signature

CBD Nacho’s & Cheese$6 (each)
Garlic Pepperoni Stick: 100mgview details

Milk & Honey

Butter Tart Slice: 50mg$7.5 (each)

Little Miss Mary Jane

Canna-Candies: 75mg$7.5 (each)
Canna-Pops: 75mg$7.5 (each)

High Expectations Medibles

Canna-Cake pops: 90mg.$12.25 (each)

Mary’s Medibles

Indica Extreme Strength Fudge Brownie: 300mg*** temporarily out of stock ***
Indica Sour Swirls: 55mgview details
Organic Green Dream Bar: 55mgview details
Sativa Sour Swirls: 55mgview details
Vegan Mini donuts “Dope-Nuts”: 55mg$12.25 (each)
West Coast Indica Teddies: 140mgview details
West Coast Indica Teddies: 55mgview details
West Coast Sativa Bunnies: 140mg*** temporarily out of stock ***
West Coast Sativa Bunnies: 55mg*** temporarily out of stock ***


CannaBiscotti: 50mgview details



Kampfire Kush: Bully Farms Flower
Mataro Blue
Pure kush


Cotton Candy


Death Bubba
Alien OG
Atomic Haze: Bully Farms Flower
Boss Frost
Bully Bull-Dawg: Bully Farms Flower
Candy Kush: Bully Farms Flower
Candy Land
Fire OG
Fruity Pebbles: Bully Farms Flower
Lemon Acapulco Gold: Bully Farms Flower
Lemon Cookies: Bully Farms Flower
Ninja Turtle: Bully Farms Flower
Silver Skunk Haze
Sir Mix-a-Lot
Sugar Shack
Sweet Tooth*** temporarily out of stock ***
Time Warp
Holy Grail
White Romulan: Bully Farms Flower


Cherry oil

Purely Medicinal: Cherry Oil*** temporarily out of stock ***


THC Capsules: Indica and Sativa$3.75-12.25 (each)
Budtanicals: Phoenix Tearsview details


Black Hash$9 (1g)

Live Resin

GasTown Extracts: Shatterview details
HDC: LHO Live Resinview details


MoonRock: 1Gview details

Oral Distillate

Oral Distillate: Pure TERPS (Flavoured)*** temporarily out of stock ***


Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)view details


GasTown Extracts: Shatterview details
Phyto Extractions Shatterview details
Sweet Leaf Concentratesview details
Unicorn Extractsview details


Relief pods: Suppositories/Vaginal ovules*** temporarily out of stock ***

THC-A Diamonds

THC-A Diamondsview details


Raw Organic THC-A Tinctureview details


Honeycomb “Sugar” Waxview details


Canna Health

PureRelief: Pain Barview details


FREEDOM: Body Relief Salve- THCview details

Big Bliss Botanicals

Big Bliss Botanicals: Lip Balmview details
Big Bliss Botanicals: Bath Soak*** temporarily out of stock ***

Bocanical Infusions

CBD Bath Salts: Bocanical Infusionsview details
CBD Body Butter: Bocanical Infusionsview details
Fine Line Facial Repair Cream: Bocanical Infusionsview details
REBORN: Healing Salveview details
Sugar Bombs: Bocanical Infusionsview details


REBORN: Migraine/Tension Creamview details

Plants and Bees

NURTURE: Skin Salve- CBDview details



50 Flavours blend (50 Flavours blend)view details
Moonrock Blunt (Moonrock Blunt)*** temporarily out of stock ***