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THC-A Diamonds

Multiple strains to choose from between Sativa, Indica and Hybrid! 

High Grade bring extracts to a whole new level! These concentrates are created with advanced technology and equipment.
Nowhere in the industry will you find an extract that tops High Grade stuff.

Shatter and Distilled THC will knock you out. And it’s hard to beat the THC % of distilled…but there’s more to the high than just the purity of the substance you’re smoking. THC has different forms, and different properties besides THC can bend your mind. Terpenes, for example, have psychoactive properties that distilled THC doesn’t have, same with shatter.

The concentrates High Grade produces vary in viscosity, texture, and profile. What remains constant is the loyal following of High Grade smokers. You’ll see review after review of their clients saying it’s the best thing they ever smoked.

If you’re going to buy High Grade Diamonds, then it’s cause you already know the Diamond game. Too rich for my blood, but the high is on another level

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to create an extract containing pure tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)? Well, Southern Californian extractors have gotten as close as humanly possible, introducing 99.9 percent THC products onto the market. This purified resin is white in appearance and slightly powdery, like fine small rocks.

In contrast, most of the competing types of concentrate on the market tap out at about 80 percent. In terms of psychoactivity, THC-A crystalline is as potent as possible. Like other concentrate products, it’s recommended to dab or ingest THC-A crystalline.

THC-A crystalline does not actually contain THC. Rather, THC-A is the raw acid form of the molecule. In its raw form, THC-A is not psychoactive. To convert THC-A into the psychoactive THC, this product needs to be heated.

The THC-A crystalline experience
However, the experience that you’ll get from a pure THC concentrate will be quite different from what you’d get from smoking a bud or using a “lower potency” extraction.

The high from this stuff is much more clear headed and energetic, like a shot of some espresso or something spicy that hits the sinuses in a hurry.

It may have this more uplifting effect because it does not contain some of the beneficial plant materials found in other, less processed products. As a pure THC concentrate, crystalline does not contain the terpenoids or synergistic cannabinoids that other cannabis products contain.

Research suggests that it is the interaction between the different chemical compounds in the herb that determine the overall type of consumer experience.

Myrcene, the terpene responsible for the musky, mango aroma in some strains, for example, is thought to be partly responsible for the herb’s sedative effects. Others terpenes may hold anxiolytic and pain-relieving properties.

While both THC and CBD crystallines may each be considered extremely potent in some ways, they are less potent than more traditional cannabis products in others. Yet, there’s no denying. In terms of sheer psychoactive potential, you can bet that this stuff is pretty dang strong.

What can THC-A crystalline be used for?
As many might guess, this product has received some criticisms due to its appearance and potency. For many, THC-A crystalline looks a little too much like harder drugs that also come is a crystallized form, such as cocaine and methamphetamine.

While some may consider this extreme, this extract has a significant medical purpose. Pure THC-A crystalline allows for the careful dosage of THC.

Since the product is a nearly pure extraction, patients and enthusiasts can get a very precise dose of the cannabinoid by keeping the weight of the amount used in mind.



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Relief pods: Suppositories/Vaginal ovules

Relief Pods 100mg THC per capsule.

Suppositories/vaginal ovules are developed with care using pure quality Cannabis Extract and cacao butter allowing the body to absorb THC/CBD quickly while increasing bioavailability by up to 3 times.

Suppositories are ideal for those who have been prevented from using cannabis due to inability to administer cannabis via ingestion or inhalation. Cannabis suppositories also begin to work quickly and last for a long time

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