Raw Organic THC-A Tincture

Raw Organic cold-pressed THC-A Tincture

The essential oil of the hemp flower is infused into hemp seed oil, therefore it is not necessary to blend or mix the tincture into another fat to achieve the maximum benefit. The cannabinoids are already bound to the essential fatty acid in the hemp seed oil, which makes it very easy to take on a daily basis.

Daily dose:

Maintenance – 10 drops per day (50 mg )

Chronic Condition – 20 drops per day (100mg )

Terminal Condition – 40+ drops per day (200mg )

These are guidelines based on medical research and are intended to be used as a suggestion. Dose to dose will vary from patient to patient; one may need half the doe, while others may need use double to achieve the desired results. Rest assured that no toxic or psycho-active side effects can be experienced using this product, so feel free to experiment; However it is highly recommended not to drink hot beverage for 40-60 minutes to avoid activating the THC-A


2000mg Bottle


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